Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to become a lifesaver - 2008/2009 season

Welcome all. After a successful season patrolling Australia's beaches, Lifesavers with Pride culminated with a triumphant march up Oxford street to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Since then, we'v e had an unprecedented number of people wanting to know how they can join the lifesaving movement.

The season is about to kick off and the time to join is now upon us. In fact, you'd be amazed at how easy it is to join.The prerequisites for getting your Bronze Medallion so you can become a lifesaver are the following,
  • 400 metre pool swim within 9 minutes (this is quite easy - if you can swim 8 laps at a steady pace without stopping, you'll easily make the time)

  • The ability to commit to an 8 week course - where you meet twice a week for approx 2 hours per time. The course is split up into theory (mid week, after work in the clubhouse, where you learn basic first aid, CPR, radio and flag communications) and practical (weekends, on the beach, where you learn board and tub rescues, swimming, spinal carries and patrol scenarios).

Both sections of the course culminate in 2 exams - a theory and a practical.
The best part about doing your Bronze is the immense camaraderie that you will develop with the people in your squad as you learn to save lives together. Quite often they become friends for life.

Once you become a lifesaver you will join a patrol at the surf club you do your Bronze at and you will be expected to patrol the beach once a month for approx. 4 hours per time.

Every club has a huge social calendar and you'll be invited to partake and contribute along the way. You'll also be able to use the club's facilities such as paddle boards and skis whenever you're down at the beach. A couple of the clubs also have well-equipped gyms which are very cheap to join (less than $200/year membership).

Join the Lifesavers with Pride blog regardless of which club you join. We'll keep you informed of all the social activities and news about 2009's Mardi Gras float. To join, send your name, email, club you're proposing to join and phone number to

Which club to join?
North Bondi, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte all have excellent reputations for lifesaving in Australia. They all differ in size with North Bondi being one of the largest in Australia with 400+ active patrolling member right down to Tamarama which has a dedicated band of active members numbering around 100.

We recommend you join the club where you know someone who is already a member or the beach where you enjoy hanging out the most. Also consider how you will get to the beach as public transport is also another factor to consider if you don’t own a car.

North Bondi (

First Bronze induction is on Sunday October 12 at 2pm upstairs at North Bondi clubhouse. There will be another Bronze induction approx 4 weeks later - date to be announced shortly.

At the induction you get to fill in forms, learn a bit about the course and then do your 8 laps of the Icebergs Pool. Official training begins the following week. Register your interest before turning up on the day to

Bondi (
Bronze inductions

  • 10.00am Saturday 27th September 2008

  • 10.00am Sunday 23rd November 2008

  • 10.00am Sunday 1st February 2009

at Bondi Clubhouse. To register for the next Bronze course or if you would like some more information, please contact our Vice President Welcoming, Adam Nezval,

Tamarama (
COURSE 1: 12pm Sat 20th Sept 08 @ Bondi Icebergs pool (timed swim) - Exam A: 18.11.08/ Exam B: 29.11.08
COURSE 2: 12pm Sat 4th Oct 08 @ Bondi Icebergs pool (timed swim) - Exam A: 2.12.08/ Exam B: 13.12.08
COURSE 3: 12pm Sat 10th Jan 09 @ Bondi Icebergs pool (timed swim) - Exam A: 10.3.09/ Exam B: 21.3.09
DURATION: 10 weeks, with a training commitment of 6+ hours per week required.
TRAINING DAYS: Tue or Wed 6.30pm-9pm ( theory class) and Saturdays 8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm (water skills )

For further info:

Bronte (
Bronze course details yet to be posted on website - for further details contact Geri Ford on

The national group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends