Wednesday, October 10, 2012

UNSW requests our assistance!

Hi Guys

As a National group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends, the Kirby Institute of the University of New South Wales has requested assistance with their:
1           TAXI KAB Study; and
2           Opposites Attract Study.

The TAXI-KAB Study is designed to measure the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs (KAB) of gay and bisexual men in Australia when they Think About eXposure to Infection by HIV. Gay men are going to experience many changes in the way healthcare is presented to them in the next few months. We are seeking information from these men in order to inform the progress of the “Treatments as Prevention” revolution that is occurring in Australian health care, right now. The TAXI KAB Study is vitally important to the development of these changes and to gay and bisexual men in Australia.

To learn more or to take the survey:

Jack Bradey
Projects and Research Officer
HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program

Opposites Attract Study
Recent research shows that when an HIV-positive person is on HIV treatment, the risk of passing on HIV to their HIV-negative partner is reduced by 96% among heterosexuals. But what about among gay men? We just don’t know. And men who are in serodiscordant relationships (that is, where one man is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative) really need to know the answer to this question.

The Opposites Attract Study will help us determine just how much HIV treatment can reduce the risk of HIV transmission from an HIV-positive man to his HIV-negative partner. It is the first, and so far only, study in the world specifically looking at this issue among gay men. We need to ask both partners in serodiscordant relationships about HIV treatments, viral load, and HIV transmission through a short online questionnaire completed after each visit for their regular sexual health and HIV testing.

To successfully answer this very important question for gay men, we need to enrol several hundred pairs of men who are currently in a serodiscordant sexual relationship, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, regardless of whether the positive partner is on treatments or not.

To learn more or to enrol:

Lara Cassar
Research Assistant
The Opposites Attract Study

Happy participation.....

Lifesavers with Pride Committee
Nick (0400 015 187)
Christine, Paul, Tuscan, Gerard, Gary, Grant, Orlando & Claire

Thursday, October 04, 2012

LWP BBQ tonight

Hi Guys

Orlando is having a bbq tonight at his house – chance to socialise have a sausage and a drink....

Tonight 5 Oct @ 7:30 @ 115/2-4 Powell Street Waterloo...

Everyone’s invited... just bring some drinks and nibbles...

Lifesavers with Pride Committee
Orlando (0405 409 020)
Nick, Christine, Paul, Tuscan, Gerard, Gary, Grant & Claire
The national group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends