Saturday, April 21, 2018


OK, here it is, the video from the 2018 parade season.  A huge thanks to Mike for his amazing work.  This is by far the best video we've had.  We will produce hard copies for those who ask, so message back if you would like a hardcopy.
Thanks to everyone who came on Friday night, it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves.  And thanks to our four new committee members who've joined us for a fun year ahead.  We are considering feedback from this season, and already have some great ideas for 2019.  This includes introducing nippers into the float, so if you have any youngsters, put thought into registering with them.  Details to come, and yes there'll be plenty of warning for registrations.
Well enjoy the last days of the season down at the beach and keep an eye out, when it warms up, for next season's details.
In the meantime, enjoy the video.  It's lot of fun.

Gary and the committee, now including Holly (Tama), Michele (Garie), Tracy (Coogee) and Dom (N Bondi)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018



Just a quick reminder that our end of season video night will be this Friday 20 April at Palms on Oxford Street from 7.30pm, until the public come in around 8.30 or 9pm.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again for a laugh and a drink, while we kick back and enjoy the video that our videographer Mike has put together.

See you there before we all go into winter hibernation.

Gary and the Committee

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Hey guys,

We've locked in our post parade video night for Friday 20 April.  Swing down to day hi, catch up with new friends, have a drink and laugh at our video together, with no stress about remembering dance moves or holding your stomach in.  We'll meet from 7.30 at Palms on Oxford ST where we have half an hour before the venue opens to the public, although its still empty for an hour or so.  I should be a fun night and it'll be your last chance to say thanks to the committee before we all go into hibernation over winter.

Partners, friends, past members and potential lifesavers are all welcome.

See you there.

Gary and the new larger Committee now including Dom and Holly

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Hey guys,

Keep an eye out for our post parade video night, where we can all gather for a drink and watch the final product that Mike has put together after his countless hours of filming and editing.  We're just confirming venue and date, but it'll be a Friday night in April.

In the meantime, for those of you not on facebook, here is a selection of pictures that our photographer Justin has posted online for us.

More are available on our facebook group

Gary and the Committee

Friday, March 09, 2018



Here's the live stream of the parade from SBS.  There is no commentary and the overlap of music between floats is messy but you get the idea.  Lifesavers with Pride come in at about 117 minutes, and we go for a minute or two.  Each time you think they've moved onto the next float, they keep coming back to us.

Also, the committee want to really thank our sponsors this year.

Thanks to Rival for providing us with our swimwear.  They generously provided all our swimwear for the parade, so that we all look great on camera.  Be sure to wear them out and about on the beaches.

Thanks too to Balance water who kept us hydrated throughout the rehearsals, Fair Day and the parade.  Be sure to spread the word.

And thanks to our helper,

Brenton Parry Photography who did the work on our new banner

Skylight Productions for their great work on the Audio Visuals on our truck
Andy Wilson for the music loop

and, Drew Lambert for his help on the media rehearsal

Plus the lovely Bev Ferguson for all her work at her sewing machine making up all the coloured flags, after making the white ones for us a few years ago.

Its only with the help of our people and volunteers supporting us, and sponsors providing us with their generosity that we can put on such a great performance every year.

Gary and the Committee

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


How much fun was last Saturday night?  Only 12 years ago Surf Life Savers were marching for the first time with a reluctant organisation allowing us to march in our first ever parade.  And only a week ago, the CEO of Surf Life Saving Australia Melissa King called us to wish us luck, the first time the CEO has ever contacted us directly, and the CEO of Surf Life Saving New South Wales came to our rehearsal to wish us luck, and followed that up by actually joining us in the parade.  It's only through the likes of committed individuals that we've got this far.

Diversity in Sport is a national organisation that promotes LGBT within Australia's sporting organisations, and LWP has been working with them of late to ensure that Surf Life Saving takes a more inclusive and diverse positions with its members.  They also produce Pride Inclusion Programs, and run the Pride in Sport Diversity Index (which LWP is still trying to get SLSA to participate in).  Within this are the annual Individual awards for Role Models for the LGBT community.

The following categories are open for nomination for the calendar year 2017;
  • Ally Award
  • Community Sporting Group Award
  • Inclusion Initiative Award
  • Coach Award
  • Out Role Model Award, and
  • Small Club Award
It's invaluable that we acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our role models, no matter what their sexuality, to demonstrate to our newer members that we truly value a diverse and inclusive organisation.  If you know anyone suitable for nominating both current or former members of the lifesaving community, feel free to get in touch with the committee, or even nominate them yourself.

Applications should be submitted by next Friday 16 March

Gary and the Committee

Sunday, March 04, 2018


Well you've probably already started finding glitter in strange places.  There's a week or two of that to go.

Thanks everyone for contributing to such a great night on Saturday.  We had such a huge response from everyone.  The float went off without a hitch, with 80 fantastic lifesavers telling the world that Life Saving in Australia is for everyone regardless of your sexuality.

But for now, just glow in the joy of  Saturday night's fun, energy and excitement.  Only 364 days to go to next year.

A big thank you has to go to the committee who work tirelessly, by going to the pub a lot, joking on messenger a lot, paying each other out at every opportunity, taking plenty of boomerang pics of ourselves and just being at the beach whenever they can, all while putting together such a great entry. Thanks to;
  • Nick for his role of treasurer and his mum for endless hours of sewing our flags
  • Grant as treasurer, telling me to spend less money
  • Wayne managing the logistics of getting a generator that actually works, and sound and lights when our supplier goes out of business with no notice
  • Andrew for arranging all things rehearsal, such as the room/courtyard hire and the song loop
  • Mick Boland for dealing with everyone who decided they changed swimwear sizes at the last minute
  • Orlando for the rego process and chasing up waiting lists and payment issues
  • Mike Barley for dealing with Fair Day mayhem, and helping logistics on the parade
  • David for arranging the post parade bash, more so when the first venue cancelled two days out
  • Karen for all our social media comms
  • Bastien for our media work, getting the great SMH article out there
plus our key helpers,
  • Bravo for making lifesavers who excel at lifesaving appear to be talented dancers too,
  • Mike for not filming us when we look stupid, and
  • Justin for pictures carefully edited to exclude when we forget to suck our stomachs in.

Anyone who wants to help us as a committee next year, feel free to get in touch with any of the above, or me, Gary at of through messenger.  We're going to have a casual parade debrief in a week or two, so swing along and say hi, no obligations.

In the meantime, put your feet up and breath easy, and reintroduce yourself to carbs.


Friday, March 02, 2018


Are you;
A) jumping up and down clapping your hands
B) breathing into a paper bag
C) squealing like a pig?

Then you are ready for tonight's Lifesavers with Pride, 2018 40th Anniversary Mardi Gras parade entry.  It's all come down to today and we are all super excited.  So the checklist is;
  • Meet at 4pm in front of the Sydney Football Stadium, by Kippax Lake
  • Bring your red issued swimwear, red and yellow quarter cap, white shoes, and uniform if you are volunteering (we'll have spares, but any red shorts are fine).
  • Bring as little else as possible as storage space is limited
  • Do not bring alcohol or drugs, nor come under the influence of such.
  • Bring the biggest smile you've got, because it's going to be fun.  So much fun in fact that at 9pm you'll desperately want to run to the front and do it again.
  • Tell your friends to meet you at the Unicorn Hotel on Oxford st from about 10pm where we will head afterwards (FYI, I met my partner, now husband after my first MG with LWP at the post parade drinks so the precedent has been set)
The committee is really keen to remind all that this is our opportunity to say to everyone, including the LGBT community that lifesaving is a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation no matter what your sexuality is.  So lets get out there and be the role models we want for tomorrow's lifesavers.

Here's another bit of media we got today from Wednesday's march.  Enjoy and see you this afternoon at 4pm

Looking forward to seeing your glitteringly smiling faces soon.

Gary, Nick, Andrew, Mike, Mick, Bastien, Orlando, Karen, Grant, Wayne, Dave, Christine, plus Bravo, Mike and Justin and hopefully you too next year too

Thursday, March 01, 2018


Our final beach rehearsal went off really well on Wednesday with over and hour on the sand, with the public providing great support.

It was also great to have Steve Peace the CEO of SLSNSW come down and personally wish us well for Saturday night.  What's more today I received a phone call of support from Melissa King, the CEO of SLSA, giving us the same support and saying that they are really proud of the work we do, and that they look forward every year to our float.  This is the first that either organisation has ever reached out to us in our 12 years, and it just says so much that the very top now want to go out of their way to support us.  We're getting the message through, slowly but steadily.

Anyway, here are some pics, for those who don't have facebook.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Well only a few days left and it's all coming together.

Our piece on The Project went to air last night.  It's mainly a story about the evolution of Mardi Gras, with us and the 78ers, but we still get a bit of exposure.  It's also got the panel discussion with Magda.

Watch, enjoy and share.

Saturday is so close...

Monday, February 26, 2018


OK, it's getting exciting.

First warning for the parade day itself.  Everyone, both marchers and volunteers, need to be ready to join us for a rehearsal in Moore Park, in front of the Sydney Football Stadium at 4pm this Saturday.  Everyone must bring plain white shoes, marchers must bring their red swimwear, and patrol cap, and volunteers should ideally bring their own uniform, or a borrowed uniform.  We will have uniforms to hand out, but supplying your own makes returning it logistically easier.  Any red shorts are fine.

You must be sober and clean of any drugs or alcohol, both when you arrive and throughout the event or you will be removed from the float.

We will be gathering regardless of the weather, and will have ponchos if need be.

Do not bring much gear to leave behind.  This will be left in a van here, and not retrieved until after the parade.  We anticipate to be finished about 9.30pm and are booking a pub for us to gather at afterwards.

More details of parade day will be provided closer, but for the time being, be sure you have white shoes for the day from 4pm.

Gary, Mike, Wayne, Orlando and the Committee



We are going to do our beach rehearsal this Wednesday 28 February.  The media have been invited, and we want to take advantage of as much daylight as we can, so aim to arrive from 6.30pm on the balcony at the pavilion and we'll move down onto the sand for 7pm.  We'll have both our video guy Mike and our photographer Justin there too.

Be sure to bring your red Rival swimwear that you have been issued, and your lifesaver cap.

This is our final rehearsal before the big event so come along to get that final polish.  Note that we have now included the larger coloured flags within the routine so you'll need to learn how they are incorporated.

Any supporters and volunteers coming to the parade are welcome to join us at rehearsal on Wednesday night too.

This will also be your final chance to collect your swimwear prior to parade day so be sure to swing down.

Oh, and if it's raining, we'll just stay inside.

Gary, Bastien. Mick and the Committee

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Last post for today.

Find the song loop link here for you to practise.  So pick up the broom/mop as your flag and go through the routine over and over and over all weekend.  We've extended the downtime slightly so that we have time to wave to the crowd, have a drink, roll the flag up, and get into place again.

You'll certainly know the song well by parade night.

Enjoy.  Fun glittery times ahead.

Gary, Bravo and the Committee



Thanks to everyone who came to rehearsal on Wednesday where we had The Project on hand to film us rehearse both out in the pavilion courtyard, and down on the beach.  Hopefully my interview isn't too embarrassing.  The final package, along with some interviews with the 78ers is currently scheduled to air next Monday night.

And coming up this Sunday morning, we have been invited to join ANZ at 10am on Bondi beach where they will have media as they launch big letters YAY for Mardi Gras.  We should get an opportunity to speak to the media too, about how progressive, inclusive and welcoming lifesaving is to the LGBT community.  Please swing on down, and let us know, for half an hour or so, with your uniform, cap and swimmers.

OK, and otherwise, keep practising the routine, hit the gym, get some sun, and leave the carbs behind.

Gary, Karen and the Committee

Monday, February 19, 2018


As mentioned on Sunday, The Project will be filming this Wednesday at our rehearsal.  We plan to film out on the beach from 7-8pm and then come inside after that where they will do some one on one interviews.  It will not be live, rather they will make a package for broadcast closer to the parade.

Anyone coming on Wednesday should bring their swimwear, which we started handing out on Sunday.  If you haven't got your's yet, just bring your own swimmers for the night, although you don't need to wear swimmers if you don't want.  And we'll meet on the balcony behind the bar before 7pm so that we can get down on the beach while the sun is still out.  If it's raining, we'll just go inside. 

And I'll bring the bigger megaphone too, which should be better than the speaker we had.

Plus, a big thank you to everyone who came to Fair Day to help spread the word amongst our LGBT brethren that lifesaving is a welcoming, inclusive and progressive organisation.  It was great weather and the crowds were huge.  Big thanks to Mike on the committee who helped arrange the day.

Gary, Mike and the Committee.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hey guys,

As we mentioned at Wednesday's rehearsal, I've added everyone to the blog page.  It's basically the facebook group, just without the comments and conversations.

The first rehearsal went really well and we can't wait for those who missed it to join us on Sunday's rehearsal.

Remember Sunday's rehearsal is in the Amphitheatre space out the back of the pavilion, although as we found on Wednesday, this is better for us, with plenty of space.  See you there from 6pm.  We'll deal with any rain if it occurs.

For those who are coming from out of town, find a link to the youtube video of our routine thus far.  It's a private link so you can't find it with a search, only through the link here.  The whole routine only goes for 90 seconds, and we're only half way through it, so small doses each time.  Get your broomsticks and mops out to help.  We'll also upload the song loop after we do a little bit of work on it before rehearsal 2 (insert an intro).

And for our supporters, enjoy, as you'll be seeing a lot of this on parade night.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

Gary, Andrew, Bravo and the Committee

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hey guys,

Well it's all getting real now. Some of the committee spent Sunday morning workshopping the routine with Bravo and it looks great.  We're going to be the best by a long shot in three short weeks.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Mardi Gras pre-parade briefing (which was far less exciting). For those who need to know, we are a quarter of the way into the parade and starting about 8.15pm. So very similar to last year.

See all our registered marchers at rehearsal on Wednesday upstairs at the Bondi pavilion from 7pm when the song, props and routine will all be unveiled.  Volunteers who are registered to support us don't need to come to rehearsals.

Fun times ahead guaranteed!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018


We're all locked in now for our rehearsals.  Looking forward to seeing you for the following sessions.
  • Wed Feb 14, 7-9pm, Seagull Room
  • Sun Feb 18, 6-8pm, Amphitheatre
  • Wed Feb 21, 7-9pm, Seagull Room
  • Sun Feb 25, 6-8pm, Seagull Room
  • Wed Feb 28, 7-9pm, Seagull Room
Note that the last one will be our dress rehearsal on the beach and may require an earlier start, but we'll let you know beforehand.

Can't wait to see all our registered participants joining us for as many rehearsals as possible.  The more we practice, the better we'll look.  So bring your smiles, your groove and your x-factor, and get ready to spread the LWP word.

Any questions, just drop us a line.

Gary, Orlando, Andrew and the Committee.

Sunday, February 04, 2018


Well we're so close now.

The Rego page was so successful that we had to close it after 36 hours and leave a waiting list option. Well as we approach the parade in only a month's time, we are now activating the waiting list.  We are taking 10 names off the list and pushing them through to full memberships.

Our spaces are really tight, so anyone else who can't make it, there are plenty of people waiting so let us know so that we can move more people over to full membership.

If you're on the waiting list we're sending a direct email soon to those successful.  Be sure to then upgrade so that we can include you in the parade.  You won't be registered for the parade unless you upgrade.

Anyway, it's all getting close.  It's going to be so much fun, for this the 40th anniversary.  See you at rehearsals soon.

Gary, Orlando and the committee

The national group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends