Monday, January 25, 2010

Calling All Bronzies

Ready to have the time of your life? Ready to make some great new friends? Ready to march?

Save the date: Saturday 27th February, 2010

Please come join your fellow lifesavers in what is always the highlight of the Mardi Gras calendar... the Lifesavers with Pride march in the 2010 Mardi Gras Parade.

You will be proudly representing Gay and Lesbian Surf Lifesavers from throughout Australia in a show of unity and support.

Above all, your participation in the march is about enjoying the thrill and camaraderie of doing something that is FUN while getting to make new friends!

It's all about inclusion! We'll welcome you as you are! It's not a beauty parade - it's coming together!

Here's what typically happens:
- Sign-up - Everyone must sign-up via email to indicate their participation - marchers, helpers, etc
- Rehearsals - Four weeknight evenings of these. Venue to be announced. Thursdays and a Tuesday.
- Additional Events - Optional appearances at other events (e.g. Bingay, Tamarama BBQ) - note this is optional!
- Mardi Gras Parade - Meet late afternoon and then march down Oxford Street from Hyde Park to just past Taylor Square

Please make note on your fridge door of the following dates (rehearsal venues to be announced):
1) Rehearsal #1 - Thursday, 11 February
2) Rehearsal #2 - Thursday, 18 February
3) Rehearsal #3 - Tuesday, 23 February
4) Rehearsal #4 - Thursday, 25 February
5) Mardi Gras Parade - Saturday, 27 February

This year's happy bunch of campers that will be looking after your every need will be:
Christine Conolly - Media / Publicity / Sponsorship
Gary Driscoll - Parade Day Production
Mark Kuuse - Chairman / Project Co-ordination / Member Communication
Ronan MacSweeney - Assisting Project Co-ordination
Michael Mellon - Secretary / Finance / Compliance
Tara Martin - Assisting Committee
Brenton Parry - Assisting Media / Publicity
Chadd Small - Video & Photography
Jonathan Toh - Artistic Direction
Michael Webster - Assisting Special Events

1) The requirement to march with Lifesavers with Pride is that you have obtained (or are training for) your Bronze Medallion.
2) Attend minimum of THREE rehearsals! Everyone marching in synch is a must! Attendance is logged.

The next step is easy. You must register regardless of whether you have marched before or not. All future communications about the march will only be to those that have replied.
Please send an email to:
With the following details:
1) Name:
2) Club:
3) Email Address:
4) Mobile Phone (may need to contact you urgently):
5) Preference for Wearing 1) Swimmers or 2) SLSA Uniform:
6) Swimmers Size in Australian Size (i.e. 14, 16 etc) (if marching in swimmers):
7) Shoe Size in Australian Size (we give you a sponsored pair):

Help get the word out! Forward this email to anyone you know who meets the requirements and may be interested in marching or just helping out. We rely heavily on word of mouth to promote participation.

Here's how to stay in touch and get in touch. We have a wonderful online blog that has all sorts of history about the group and the parade and the whole experience! Please take a look.

Looking forward to you joining us at rehearsals!

Mark Kuuse
The national group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends