Sunday, March 28, 2010

Postal Sales - Lifeavers with Pride DVD - Limited Numbers Left



"Best video ever!", "Awwwwesome!", "Fierce!" - just a few of the comments heard at the Lifesavers with Pride DVD launch party! And heard subsequently as people have been watching the DVD over and over again at home!

Postal Sales of the Lifesavers with Pride DVD are now available with the limited quantity we have left! These DVD's are hot!

$25.00 direct deposited into the Lifesavers with Pride bank-account gets you your very own personal copy and helps our group's participation in next year's Mardi Gras!

Australia-wide postage included! 100% of proceeds goes to Lifesavers with Pride!

Here's how:
1) Deposit $25 into LWP Bank Account:

Direct Bank Deposit - $25.00
Bank - Commonwealth (CBA)
Account Name - Lifesavers with Pride
BSB - 062 156
Account Number - 1016 9936
Message/Reference: YOUR NAME!!!!

2) Then, email with your payment confirmation and your postal address.

3) Also, please indicate which of the two DVD cover choices you would like! Stocks are limited so we may not be able to provide you with your selection of cover (sorry).

Cover Choices (both produced by Brenton Parry - thank-you!):

1) Art Cover (Photo by Brenton and Model by Luke)

2) Corporate Cover (Photos by Chadd)

Simple! A treasure to own and a pleasure to watch!

For more info, please contact Mark at

Well done Chadd Small for all of his amazing work on making this DVD! See him for your wedding video - I know I will! Contact him at Cinefex (Call 0409 344 440 or Web

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Anonymous said...

OMG, are ALL you Aussie guys that hot?

PS: How many sightings of Benton Parry did you count? I say two, maybe three. It went by quickly.

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