Thursday, October 14, 2010

Join us and Participate Together in CoastOut - Australia's First Gay/Lesbian Beach Festival

Hi Fellow Lifesavers,

Coast Out in Coffs Harbour is a matter of weeks away (29-31 October) and is going to be the most exciting beach festival of its kind that Australia has yet to see!

Please come and join us and be part of it - either as a Lifesaver helping out with water safety for the beach events, or as a volunteer at any of the other events, or even just as a participant in one of the many events planned over the weekend!

1) ACCOMMODATION - Plenty of options:

a) SHARED BEACH HOUSES - There are a number of places available at shared beach-houses that some of the Lifesavers have already booked. So please contact if you are in need of accommodation and we will be able to sort you out if you'd like to share a house.

OR if you have room in your house for one or two other fellow Lifesavers, then please also contact Mark.

b) ACCOMMODATION DEALS - Call 1300 369 070 which is the Coffs Coast Accom booking info line, tell them your coming for CoastOut.

Novotel Pacific Bay have deals on that weekend, their number is 1300 363 360, also tell them its for CoastOut.

Alternatively go to where they have deals you can look at online.

2) TRANSPORT - If you are driving up and have room for anyone in your car, or are looking for a lift, then please let Mark know and he'll try to match you up.

3) VOLUNTEER - Please see attached Volunteer PDF (ignore the cut-off date) and fill in you are a lifesaver and your club details in the "Applicable Skills" section. Then send it in to CoastOut as per on the form.


Message from Laurence...

Can you STILL feel it?????

Hello there Award Winning Mardi Gras Parade People!!

This is Laurence here, your choreographer extraordinaire! We WANT YOU to come up to Coast OUT in Coffs Harbour, the first ever gay weekend there on 29-31st October for a fun filled, fabulous time. There will be a beach carnival, surf tournament, BBQ and two big parties featuring Bob Downe amongst many other artists. My mate Todd is running it and would love as many lifesavers as possible to attend and hopefully do a repeat performance of the parade number when the amazing singer Tania Doko performs the song "Can you feel it" and also have a strong presence as Lifesavers with Pride. Come on, pull your speedos back on, tie up your red and yellow caps, pop on your white vans and a big smile and 5, 6, 7, 8 and away we go!!!!!!!!!

5) PARTICIPATE - Register for the Surf Competition and/or the Beach Carnival (swims, runs, relays) - See attached forms. Come join the Lifesavers relay team - send your interest to

So there you have it! Plenty of reason to get involved and have an amazing weekend on the beach to get the season started in more way than one!

PLEASE, let us know if you are going up so that we can co-ordinate the Lifesavers with Pride participation in the event - even if you only plan on attending and not volunteering! Email and let him know. Many thanks!

See you in Coffs!

Lifesavers with Pride Committee
Mark, Michael, Christine, Jono, Gary, Nick

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