Thursday, March 08, 2012

What a great night!

Well done and thanks to one and all:
· committee;
· dancers;
· support crew;
· sling shotter;
· drivers;
· sponsors;
· family;
· friends;
· supporters;
· hangers on’rs;
· photographers;
· videographers;
· water people;
· ball boys and girls;
· media girls;
· flag wavers ..... et al ...

We certainly hope you all had an amazing time and will be back with your friends next year.

2013 will be even bigger and better if the energy of 2012 carries on. Spread the word now!

We might have to start handing the hat around to bring Franck Weens back from Paris again to record the frivolity - the photos are amazing. We can’t wait to see Mike F Nthnsurf's video - from what we have seen so far, the DVD will be AMAZING. For a sneak peek......

We hope to see you all at the DVD night (details to be confirmed!). Feel free to post more video/photos on here... would be great to share the memories.

It's hard to imagine the "Only way is Up" when we did so so well!

Lifesavers With Pride Committee
Nick 0431 881 021

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