Monday, September 24, 2012

CoastOut Message from Laurence


Hope you are all well and I gather your seasons start soon now Spring is in the air! Stay safe, you know much you all mean to me!! Well now I want to invite you all to a fantastic weekend called 'Coast Out' at Coffs Harbour Oct 26th-28th. I have been the last two years and it's so much fun, a brilliant mix of gay and lesbian communities from Syd, Melb, Brizzy, Gold Coast, Lismore and of course the lovely locals from beautiful Coffs. It's not the home of just one big banana as I discovered last year LOL!!!

The organiser Todd is a dear friend and two years ago six lifesavers came up and we did the Mardi Gras routine on the main stage and the crowd went nuts!! Well great news, we have been invited back to do another show on the Saturday night and I would LOVE as many of you a
s possible in it!! I'll use the same steps from this years parade but the song is "It's Raining Men" Ladies, that doesn't mean you can't be in it too!!

So please check out the website for all the info

Also note that there is a surf comp too which you would love surely! The parties are great, the beaches stunning, there's a drag show with dolphins at the Pet Purpoise Pool which is so hilarious so you have to trust me, it's fab, you MUST come!!! Spread the word and let me know asap and we will have the best time and put on a fab show yay!!!

Much love to you all, I miss you x x x x

Laurence Stark
0405 224 534

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