Thursday, February 04, 2016

MG 2016 Parade Rehearsal Dates!!!!!!

Hey all

We have finally booked in our rehearsal dates for the 2016 parade. It's all getting close now and very exciting. The five rehearsals will be held at Bondi Surf club and you must attend at least three of them. The dates and times are 

* Thu 18 Feb 7-9pm 
* Sun 21 Feb 6-8pm 
* Thu 25 Feb 7-9pm 
* Sun 28 Feb 6-8pm 
* Thu 3 Mar 7-9pm 

Note that the final rehearsal is the media rehearsal so if you can get there from 6.30 that would be good, but we'll go over that before then. 

We had challenges with our nights this year, but reckon Sundays will be good as we'll have more light to be outside, we can come straight from the beach, we can still head out for a drink before going home, and there'll be plenty of people around for us to impress. 

And yes, we will still post video of the rehearsal on the fb page for our absent friends, whether local or distant. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 18th.

BTW Marching spots have been filled and we are not looking to fill the Volunteer spots - grab some of your friends to come along on assist during the parade ...

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