Friday, March 02, 2007

Saturday - everything you need to know

What you’ll need to do and bring:

  1. Make sure you have a good sleep the night before the parade;

  2. As there is limited space on the truck to store personal belongings, consider dropping a vehicle off at Fox Studios/The Entertainment Quarter car park with all the things you’ll need at the other end (e.g. your party clothes);

  3. If you do need to bring belongings, please no large backpacks. We’d prefer it, for ease of storage, that you bring only what you need, put it in a plastic bag that can be tied and clearly label it with your name and phone number on it. We’ll place these in tubs to be put on the truck so that they are available at the end;

  4. Please pack any medication you might require on the night, e.g. Ventolin etc.

  5. On the day, make sure you have a hearty meal before coming into town, preferably a pasta meal, full of carbs to keep you going through the parade. Try and do this as the last thing you do before heading out the door;

  6. Please bring water to hydrate yourself from the time we’re locked-down (6pm) and the time we start marching.

  7. Please bring a small sandwich and snacks for yourselves, muesli bars, dried fruit etc. to eat before we start marching.

  8. We are in E block (E10) in the parade.

  9. Especially for people close to the lead truck and the sound system, you should consider bringing earplugs so that your hearing is not adversely affected;

  10. Please refrain from being under the influence of alcohol and drugs until after the parade – that’s what the after party is for;

  11. Remember to get tickets for the party, available through Ticketek If you’re not planning on going, please rethink! You will be pumped after the parade and all your newly made friends will be going along as well. It is a blast!

  12. Convene between 4:45 – 5:00pm at Harmony Park - neext door to Surry Hills Police Station; between Goulburn, Brisbane and Hunt Streets Surry Hills. Or click here Harmony Park website

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