Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A very Brenton Mardi Gras

If we had to single out one person who's been getting way too much exposure on this blog - that person would have to be Brenton Parry. Not only is he a devoted Bronte Lifesaver of nine seasons, Brenton is also an international blog star with 5000 people visiting his site (Aussielicious) every day. We've posted so much of Brenton because his blog site has diverted so much traffic to our blog and major international attention to our cause. Thanks Brenton! Click on the YouTube below to see Brenton in action on Saturday night.

We are currently producing a major DVD extravaganza and will have a celebration screening with drinks etc in approx two weekends - venue to be decided.


Anonymous said...

Bright, Bubbly, Beautiful and most of all Brave Brenton - truly a Hero for our times. xxx

brenton said...

think we are going a bit overboard now! i'm blushing just a touch!

Unknown said...

drew there is one pic here too

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