Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Final Media Rehearsal this Thursday


Don't forget that this Thursday is the Media Rehearsal at Bondi Surf Club.  All marchers and Volunteers are requested to attend.  Media will be present from 7pm, so come early if you can, from say 6.30pm to be ready.  You'll need your branded swimwear, patrol cap and issued coloured towel.  After the media scrum, we'll do some more polishing of the routine, volunteers will go through their respective roles, the last of the towels and swimmers will be issued, then we'll also provide the final details for Saturday.

Also remember that you will need to provide a pair of white shoes for parade day.  We want all focus to be on our marching, our choreography, our swimwear and the towels and flags, not on bright or distracting footwear.  Dunlop volleys are a good start so if you still have a pair, feel free to wear them, otherwise, you have just over a week to head out and grab yourself a pair of all white footwear.

As mentioned at rehearsal, we are making the meeting point and departing point smoother than last year (not particularly hard).  This will involve a van or truck.  In the interest of reducing our costs, rather than hiring a vehicle, we are hoping someone within our group can provide one.  It will be for storing bags in and will remain in the one location the entire time.  It means that the person who provides it can drive right up to our meeting point, and can drive off straight away from the same departing point too.  Please let the committee know if you can help out so that we don't have to fork out more $$$ on another vehicle.

Note that there will be no swimwear or towels issued on parade day to marchers or volunteers so make sure you have collected all your gear prior to parade day, or contact the committee to make alternate plans.  This includes uniforms for volunteers.

OK, see you on Thursday ready for the cameras.

Gary, Nick, Gerard, Wayne, Christine, Orlando, Jules

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