Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Hey, as mentioned, SBS are filming a show which includes LWP.  There's a drama and a doco being filmed concurrently, and some footage was taken on parade night with some LWP members heading for stardom.

They now want to film a rehearsal scene which will require us reconvening for a dummy practise.  This will be on Thursday 21 April.  All attendees will be paid, and the day will be catered.  There are a few scenes in the day, involving preparing a parade truck which anyone is welcome to, and then the rehearsal scenes start at 4pm for about four hours.  You can just come to this part if you like.  Bring your branded swimmers.

They'll make up numbers with extra's but it would be good if we could fill it ourselves.  Bring your friends if you like, and volunteers and previous parade entrants are also welcome.  Not sure if we are filming set pieces or they are just filming us do our thing but Bravo will be there to lead the way.

Let me know if you are interested so I can get numbers to them.

See you soon.

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