Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DNA photoshoot - a sneak preview

Argh - it has been raining constantly in Sydney, so the prospect of an early morning photo shoot with iconic Aussie magazine DNA was always going to cause a sleepless night. At 4am on Wednesday 27 February a massive lightning and thunder storm erupted over Sydney. We were shooting in less than two hours - surely we would have to cancel. The gods however were smiling, because when we finally assembled, a patch of blue sky emerged triumphantly over Bronte Beach in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Below you can see a sneak preview of the photo shoot that will feature the lifesavers in a special edition of DNA dedicated to all things Australian.

A big special thanks to photographer Thomas Knights for wielding his magic ( The final pics will be so much better than what you see below (taken by Drew Lambert - not a professional photographer!).

Our models: Nick Ferguson, Callum Metcalfe, Josh Keech, Shane Herbert, Rob Magee and Niall Murtagh.

For more shots visit here.

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