Friday, February 08, 2008

Rehearsal debrief: Angela speaks...

It was so fantastic to see so many new people wanting to join this float. Last year we started with the easy stuff and this year we started with the 'Tricky Stuff '. We had a short amount of time to learn it and you did brilliantly.

Part of the routine will be up on youtube soon (with some changes ) so you can rehearse at your leisure and therefore feel more prepared when you arrive on Thurs 14th (yes, Valentine's Day).
The complete routine will eventually go up after this. Plenty of time to make you feel comfortable.

It is imperative that you make the next 2 rehearsals, the 14th (romantic dinners at 9.15?) and the 21st when we bring it all together because that is all we've got before we rehearse the complete routine on the beach (28th) before 'Showtime' On the 1st.

It will all make sense next week. Don't forget your sneakers! We are going to have a ball.
Angela x x

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