Thursday, February 22, 2018



Thanks to everyone who came to rehearsal on Wednesday where we had The Project on hand to film us rehearse both out in the pavilion courtyard, and down on the beach.  Hopefully my interview isn't too embarrassing.  The final package, along with some interviews with the 78ers is currently scheduled to air next Monday night.

And coming up this Sunday morning, we have been invited to join ANZ at 10am on Bondi beach where they will have media as they launch big letters YAY for Mardi Gras.  We should get an opportunity to speak to the media too, about how progressive, inclusive and welcoming lifesaving is to the LGBT community.  Please swing on down, and let us know, for half an hour or so, with your uniform, cap and swimmers.

OK, and otherwise, keep practising the routine, hit the gym, get some sun, and leave the carbs behind.

Gary, Karen and the Committee

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