Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hey guys,

As we mentioned at Wednesday's rehearsal, I've added everyone to the blog page.  It's basically the facebook group, just without the comments and conversations.

The first rehearsal went really well and we can't wait for those who missed it to join us on Sunday's rehearsal.

Remember Sunday's rehearsal is in the Amphitheatre space out the back of the pavilion, although as we found on Wednesday, this is better for us, with plenty of space.  See you there from 6pm.  We'll deal with any rain if it occurs.

For those who are coming from out of town, find a link to the youtube video of our routine thus far.  It's a private link so you can't find it with a search, only through the link here.  The whole routine only goes for 90 seconds, and we're only half way through it, so small doses each time.  Get your broomsticks and mops out to help.  We'll also upload the song loop after we do a little bit of work on it before rehearsal 2 (insert an intro).

And for our supporters, enjoy, as you'll be seeing a lot of this on parade night.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

Gary, Andrew, Bravo and the Committee

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