Monday, February 26, 2018


OK, it's getting exciting.

First warning for the parade day itself.  Everyone, both marchers and volunteers, need to be ready to join us for a rehearsal in Moore Park, in front of the Sydney Football Stadium at 4pm this Saturday.  Everyone must bring plain white shoes, marchers must bring their red swimwear, and patrol cap, and volunteers should ideally bring their own uniform, or a borrowed uniform.  We will have uniforms to hand out, but supplying your own makes returning it logistically easier.  Any red shorts are fine.

You must be sober and clean of any drugs or alcohol, both when you arrive and throughout the event or you will be removed from the float.

We will be gathering regardless of the weather, and will have ponchos if need be.

Do not bring much gear to leave behind.  This will be left in a van here, and not retrieved until after the parade.  We anticipate to be finished about 9.30pm and are booking a pub for us to gather at afterwards.

More details of parade day will be provided closer, but for the time being, be sure you have white shoes for the day from 4pm.

Gary, Mike, Wayne, Orlando and the Committee

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