Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Final Rehearsal: Thursday 6:15pm (for 6:30pm) Media Promo Shoot (On Beach NORTH Bondi), then 7:30pm Final Rehearsal (SOUTH) Bondi Surf Club

Dear All

Well it's finally here! Our final rehearsal!

Thank-you Sally for making it all happen at Monday's rehearsal - you were amazing! Our star choreographer Laurence is back and this is the most important rehearsal to attend!

Part 1) 6:15pm for 6:30pm Dress Rehearsal & Media Photo Shoot on Beach at NORTH Bondi - Bring your AussieBums and Cap!


When: Arrive at 6:15 to get your Aussiebums or change into them
What: Dress Rehearsal on the Beach
Where: NORTH Bondi on the sand
Wear: PARADE UNIFORM (no shoes) - Change into parade gear - Aussiebums and Cap, use North Bondi clubhouse.
Who: Television (Channels 7, 9 and ABC) and Press will be taking video/photos for Mardi Gras news features! (see blog for previous years')

Part 2) 7:30pm Rehearsal INDOORS at BONDI SURF CLUB - 200m SOUTH of North Bondi - Change back into your shorts etc

COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE (AT PART 2, NOT PART 1) - Please contact us if you are not coming THURSDAY. Even if you have already told us - you must reply again! We need to do an accurate count. No reply and no show Thursday will mean no entry wrist-band for you and no marching!

Why Compulsory:

1) FINAL PART OF ROUTINE TO LEARN - This rehearsal is the most important of them all. We have NOT yet finished learning the routine, there are a number of counts of eight left!! There is a whole all-change-position steps where back quarters move to become the front quarters!

2) SHOES - YOu will get your shoes tonight! There will be those who have ordered too big and those who have ordered too small. We need everyone there so we can swap. And there is NO OTHER chance to pick them up.

3) SWIMMERS - Unless you plan to go naked, you will need to pick-up your swimmers!!!!

4) POSITIONS - You will be allocated your final position.

5) GETTING IT RIGHT - Uniform single image is what we pride ourselves in. You need to be here to get the routine in synch with everyone. It is not fair on others to just wing-it!

- Introductions
- Committee Announcements
- Parade Day Logistics
- Parade March - Do's and Dont's
- Helping Dismantle
- Parade Carnival - After Party
- Tamarama BBQ
- Laurence Stark - Choreographer - Final Part of Routine and Perfecting the Routine
- Distribution of Shoes and Shoe Swapping!!!
- Reminders

.. then off to Ravesi's pub for our last drink together before the BIG day! A well deserved drink!

This is going to be the BEST Lifesavers with Pride march ever! Why? Because we have the perfect mix of the best choreographer and the best group of lifesavers ever!

Questions? Reply to this email or send a message to

See you Thursday!

Lifesavers with Pride Organising Committee

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