Friday, March 31, 2017


As the end of the patrolling season approaches, and before we tuck ourselves into bed for the winter, we need to have our end of season gathering.  So lets all gather together on Thursday 13 April from 7.30pm at Palms on Oxford Street.  This is the evening before Good Friday, so start your extra long weekend, even earlier with us, where we have the venue exclusively until it opens to the public at 9pm.

We'll watch our videos together, plus have a drink, catch up with friends, and thank the committee for their great efforts at averting swimwear/generator disasters.  Not only are we looking forward to seeing both marchers and volunteers from this year, but LWP Alumni are welcome, as are your partners, family and friends.  It'll be great to see everyone again, and maybe carry on into the night, with a guaranteed sleep in the next day.

Gary, David and the Committee

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