Monday, March 27, 2017


Before we all hide for the winter, just a word of thanks to our sponsors this year.

Firstly to Rival who came in at very short notice and provided 100 pairs of great swimwear.  Many thanks to you for your efforts.  We can't speak highly enough of them and encourage everyone to spread the word about Rival and Running Bare.

And secondly, to Google and Mardi Gras who provided grant sponsorship, which allowed us to get the great lights and sound installation for the truck.  With better weather next year, we'll remove the tarp and see what they can really do.  We are a really proud recipient of their Community Parade Grants and would encourage anyone involved in other organisations to pursue these next year as well.
And thanks also need to go to Coates who put in an amazing effort when their product malfunctioned, giving us all grief for a few tight hours.  They provided a service on site, brought out another generator for us to use, and then provided the entire supply for free for the stress and inconvenience, so thanks aplenty to Emmanuel and the team at Alexandria.
Thanks all and keep an eye out for the upcoming video night, when we can all get together again and have a drink to celebrate the end of the season.

Gary, Mike, Grant, Wayne and the committee

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