Thursday, March 02, 2017


We've had our beach rehearsal, and the locals loved it.  Now get ready for the final event.

Everyone, marchers and supporters need to meet this Saturday at Moore Park in front of the Sydney Football Stadium at 4pm.  Here we will do a final rehearsal session with everyone, including our interstate friends.  Supporters will also go over their roles.  From here we will issue our wristbands and move together through the streets to Hyde Park for marshaling.  MG will not let you into marshaling without a wristband so you must be at Moore Park.

If you miss the van, it will be your responsibility to manage your gear.  There is NO storage space on the truck for it.

At Moore Park we will get changed into our parade gear, and store all our bags and equipment in a van.  This van will then head off to park, and we will not see it again until we finish the parade, when we will then retrieve our stiff.

Be sure you have your white shoes, Rival swimwear and lifesaver cap, plus volunteers, should have their uniform.

Let's just pray the rain holds out.  We'll have ponchos if required.

After the parade, we'll head to the Olympic Sports Hotel, only a few 100 meters from the van's final location, for a drink or two to relax and unwind.

And a big, huge thank you to the committee who have worked for months to pull this event together.  Anyone wanting to join the committee for next year should drop me a line.

See you there for a great day.

Gary and the committee

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