Friday, March 03, 2017


With all the excitement about the LWP entry in this weekend's Mardi Gras, let's not forget how far Surf Life Saving has come in the last ten years.  In order to get permission for the first float, the original committee had to battle some serious unrecognised prejudice within the organisation, and at the club level.  It is only through our collective strength that lifesaving is now a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation for our LGBTIQ brethren nationally, and we are fighting the battles one club at a time.

The LWP committee would like to draw our member's attention to the Pride in Sport awards, which "recognise the critical role that our role models play in sending a message of inclusion within sport".  These are national awards and allow for nominations for a range of people.  We draw your attention particularly to two awards, the Ally Award, for someone who is straight, but is a champion for the LGBTIQ community, and the Role Model Award, for someone who is out within their sport, and championing for inclusion within their field.  We would love to see someone from within lifesaving nominated to demonstrate our ongoing endeavours.

Anyone can nominate someone, and we encourage you to each consider someone, both past or present who would be a suitable recipient, and who represents in lifesaving the types of role models that we all aspire to.

The link below has the nomination forms, which are due for submission by 24 March.  Feel free to contact the committee for any assistance with your nomination.

Whether you are marching with LWP or have other plans, have a safe and happy Mardi Gras, and keep spreading the word about lifesaving as inclusive and welcoming.

Gary and the Committee

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