Monday, March 06, 2017


How much fun was that?

A big thank you to everyone who came in the parade on Saturday.  We had such a magnificent time, and everyone should take pride in the result that we all achieved together.

We faced countless battles to get there this year, from our swimwear provider pulling out, to our generator blowing up at the start, our videographer pulling out with a week to go, the weather threatening to storm all week, to even our post parade pub being closed, but we still got there and produced the most wonderful and welcoming production.  Without you, the participants this would just be ten committee member walking up the road and waving, and looking very dour at that.

Specifically I want to thank

  • Nick, as secretary and manager of the email and blog (this site)
  • Grant as treasurer for continually saying no to my ideas of hiring the Westpac rescue chopper for the night
  • Mick for managing the swimwear, when everyone decides they've changed sizes
  • Mike for arranging Fair Day and driving the van
  • Karen for her social media prowess
  • David for chasing up admin stuff that no one sees, but is invaluable
  • Orlando for doing the online registrations, from Melbourne (but welcome back to Sydney soon)
  • Andrew for arranging the music, providing the whistles and being a great sounding board
  • Bastien for managing the media rehearsal which, regardless of the media attendance, is a big project
  • and the biggest thanks to Wayne for logistics on the day who dealt with our generator crisis.

Take a big breath you guys, you are what makes the parade.  And anyone who wants to come along once a month from Sept for a drink and a laugh, just contact any of the committee.  We'd love to have you join our team.  My ideas are getting stale (except the helicopter - Grant!) so come and let us know your thoughts.

If you didn't see the SBS piece that we filmed on the beach, it is excellent (except for my inclusion which should have been edited out for reasons of taste and dignity).

Check out the 15 shots here from the Gay News Network, although the facebook group has a gazillion others.

Keep an eye out now for our post parade bash, usually in mid April, when we should have the video ready to go.

So relax now, scrub off the glitter, enjoy the memories, spread the word about lifesaving, and keep promoting lifesaving as a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation.  Enjoy the rest of the season down at the beach, and please tell everyone about LWP.  The more the merrier. 

Gary and the Committee

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